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Frequently Asked Questions about WKA

What is the purpose of the Wisconsin Kindergarten Association?

The purpose of WKA shall be to encourage, to coordinate, and to stimulate the professional growth and enthusiasm of kindergarten teachers in Wisconsin. Our goal is to study, communicate, assess and act on behalf of kindergarten children within the state.

Who may become a member?

Any Kindergarten teacher, student enrolled in a kindergarten teacher education program, graduate holding a degree in kindergarten, or teacher educator is eligible for membership.

What does the WKA provide for members?

The Wisconsin Kindergarten Association:

  • Provides an avenue for communication
  • Publishes a WKA newsletter on the WKA website: www.wisconsinkindergartenassociation.com
  • Provides a link to other professionals
  • Monitors Wisconsin Laws and D.P.I Recommendations
  • Publishes findings on current research
  • Sponsors an annual Fall WKA Conference
  • Sponsors regional round-table discussion groups

How often does the WKA board meet and
how do I become an executive board member?

The WKA Executive Board meets quarterly. Fill out the executive board member application.

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